It’s Africa Time, Big Time!

My mission is to inspire you with the creative power of the various people living in African countries and in the diaspora. AFRICA MODERN tells of the joie de vivre that anyone who has ever set foot on the continent can feel. I want to make a contribution to fair trade and make you want to travel to one of Africa’s incredible countries too!

African artists, writers, fashion designers, architects, filmmakers, start-ups or even renowned academics are underrepresented in our perception. You can meet them here!

– It’s about creativity, unseen and sometimes unheard-of perspectives.

– Opinions and realities of life that are given far too little attention in our first-world attitude.

AFRICA MODERN gives artists from Africa a platform, we talk to each other in my new podcast „It’s Africa time!“ which will be launched in February 2024 with the first episode. More details to come.

In addition, you’ll have the chance to get hands on some exklusive art pieces from african artists I’m more than happy to show to you.

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If you’re interested in African culture, the best products and travel inspiration for cultural events on the continent, you’re in for a treat!

Looking forward to black fashion, art, culture and a new look at a world full of creativity to discover.

With love from another continent

Sonja Karl